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Bolts intend to loose – preferably under the influence of dynamic load. Cross movements of the bolted parts and relativ movements in the threaded parts can lead to a considerable loss of pre-load. The patented ring lock washer with its unique design perpetuates the tension and thus secures reliably the bolted assembly. The pre-load in the bolt respectively the clamp load persists in spite of shocks and vibrations. The ring lock washer together with the bolt creates a self-locking effect and therefore correspondends to all requirements to a loose resist locking element according to DIN 25201.




The hardened ring lock washer is parted into two halfs, which are permanently united by an elastic plastics ring. On the outer side of the two washer halfs is an optimized serration, whereas the interface between the two parts is designed as a plane with wedge segments, the inclination of the wedges is higher than the pitch of the thread. When the bolt or the nut is tightened, the teeth of the serration grip and any further movement now happens between the parts of the washer. The resulting wedge effect increases the tension and the desired self-locking effect happens.



If you brace the ring lock washer into the bolted assembly, the geometric design reliably secures against loosening, but to untighten the bolt is easy and riskless.
The patented ring lock washer made of unalloyed steel is hardened to a minimum of 460 HV0.5 and therefore is suitable also for high grade bolts up to quality 12.9. Also for coated and lacquered surfaces. If you entertain some doubt about the possible application on a workpiece with high layer thickness or high surface hardness, it´s very easy to check by assembly and disassembly, whether the stamping of the serration suffices. The chosen material characteristics of the plastics ring provide applications in the same temperature range as for the bolt. The zinc flake coating of the ring lock washer is extremely corrosion resistant, is free of Chromium VI and there is no danger of hydrogen embrittlement and it meets all requirements of the EN ISO 9227 corrosion test, too.


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