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About us



About us

Best on Bolt is engaged in the development of high quality locking elements for securing bolted joints. Renowned manufacturers produce lock washers and safety nuts from our product line Bob-Lock according to our ambitious guidelines. These safety products secure high stressed bolted joints reliably against vibrations, shocks, dynamic load and settlement.

The product line Bob-Lock combines the self-locking attributes of wedge lock washers (loose-resist according DIN 25201) with ingenious design for the use as a braced lock washer under the bolt head/under the nut and for the use as a safety nut with total new, very useful advantages.

Our clear objective is to support our customers with high qualitiy and good value products. All of our Best on Bolt colleagues have a long standing experience in the field of bolt securing in mainly wedge lock washers and their main focus is to always satisfy the requirements of the customer. With our many developements and patent applications we can insure the customers that all their specifications will be met.

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