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Lock Washer

Safety Nut

Advantages of the patented Bob-Lock Safety Nut

  • Maximum safety at the securing of bolted joints

  • Prevents reliably the loosening by dynamic load

  • The setting in the bolted joint has no negative effect to the safety

  • The bolt head is secured without any further measure

  • Useable for stud bolts

  • No damage of the surface

  • Free spinning washers useable

  • Original torque values from the bolt manufacturers are valid without restriction

  • Easy assembling and disassembling

  • Locking function is independent from the clamp force

  • Possible loss of the specific locking parts has no influence to the function as a nut

  • Re-useable

  • Lubrication and greasing of the thread is possible

  • Same temperature range as the bolt

  • Stainless steel safety nut possible

  • Use of standard bolts

  • Use of standard wrenches

  • Cover cap in signal colour available


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